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Annual pairing of ex-Yu artists.

Each year, we pair two artists from ex-Yu countries, who share mutual interests - be it a similar theme they are preoccupied with, a similar style of expression, or the medium they use. The projects are developed over three months and the results are presented in the countries of each artist’s origin.

The aim of the pairing is to create an opportunity for the artists to meet, get inspired by one another, and collaborate on a new work. Their collaboration can result in two separate bodies-of-work but needs to arise from the exchange of ideas, as well as the philosophical and creative support. Dialogue is what we wish to initiate.

Spajalica explores art as a form of dialogue.


The pair chosen for 2019 are Gordana Žikić (Serbia) and Maja Radešić-Zard (Croatia).
Shared interest: Shamanism in art

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Maja Radešić-Zard (Pula, Hrvatska) finished Academy of Fine Arts in Rijeka, Croatia specialising in graphic art and graphic painting. Apart form multiple solo and group exhibitions, locally and abroad, since 2003 she has been collaborating on various theatre and film projects as costimographer and set designer. She is a member of HDLU Istra (Croatian Association of Fine Artists) since 2009. 

Gordana Žikić (Belgrade, Serbia) finished a PhD at the Academy of Fine Arts on the topic of art and shamanism. She is a member of ULUS (Serbian Association of Fine artists) since 2008. Her work was shown at numerous solo and group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad. In 2019 she is taking part in a group exhibition of contemporary female Serbian artist in Pennsylvania, US curated by Rachel Klipa.