Who are we?

Artemis Projects is an art collective of Ira Ferris and Ben Ferris who are creating in Europe and Australia.

Ira is Sydney-based, Zagreb-born curator, writer, podcaster, and conceptual artist. In 2016 she was Director of profit-for-purpose gallery Folonomo (Surry Hills, Sydney). Her curatorial interests are broad but tend to gravitate towards conceptual art practices. As a former contemporary dancer she is interested in and inspired by somaesthetics and the way our bodies navigate and experience the exhibition space. Ira holds MA in Journalism, is a casual arts program producer and presenter on Sydney’s Eastside Radio, and hosts her own podcast channel featuring interviews with international artists and thinkers. She is also a co-curator and podcast producer at DANCE CINEMA, an online platform for dance films/videos and podcast with their makers. In 2018 she initiated SPAJALICA, an annual pairing of artists from ex-YU countries. As a writer, Ira maintains a blog page, writes texts for exhibition catalogues, and contributes to ADSR Magazine. See Ira’s projects HERE.
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is a filmmaker and a video artist whose writings on cinema have been published worldwide in both French and English. As a film writer/director he has won major international awards, including the Grand Prix at the Akira Kurosawa Memorial Short Film Festival in Tokyo, Japan for his short film "The Kitchen" (2003) and the Grand Prix at the One Take Film Festival in Zagreb, Croatia for his short film "Ascension" (2004). His feature film "Penelope" (2009) screened in National Competition at the 56th Pula Film Festival and won a Van Gogh Award for Best Fantasy Film at the Amsterdam Film Festival. In 2015, Ferris was the curator of the Sydney Cinémathèque. In 2016 he completed his critically-acclaimed docu-drama, ‘57 Lawson’. In 2018 he was selected for the Eurimages Lab Project Award at the 53rd Karlovy Vary Film Festival for his film In(di)visible. Since 2019, he is a Board Member of Documentary Australia Foundation.
See Ben’s projects HERE.