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A VIDE0-SOUND INSTALLATION completed as part of my Cité Internationale des Arts residency awarded by The Power Institute. The installation was exhibited at the M2 Gallery in Sydney in August 2017 (curated by Ira Ferris). 


in(di)visible questions our capacity to comprehend the present moment. What of it is (in)visible to us? And how will we talk about it in time?

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57 Lawson


An example of hyperrealist cinema, 57 Lawson is a drama-documentary hybrid film that fixates on the nature of the everyday life of the tenants living in a social housing estate in inner city Sydney over the course of one evening.

Defiantly slow-paced, 57 Lawson is an act of preservation: it is an archive of a building, and of a city - its structures, traces, faces, bodies, sounds and images that are slowly becoming obsolete.

57 Lawson plays like the overlooked memory of a city that has forgotten how to dream.

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Penelope, starring Natalie Finderle in the lead role and Croatian actor Frano Maskovic as Odysseus, is the first Australian-Croatian co-production.

The film is a lyrical treatment of Homer's tale of Penelope, depicting her psychological struggle as she waits twenty year for her husband to return from the Trojan War. It draws on the long-take filmmaking style of film directors such as Andrei Tarkovsky (The Mirror), Akira Kurosawa (Seven Samurai) and Bela Tarr (Werckmeister Harmonies). Director Ben Ferris and Director of Photography James Barahanous also embrace this style in their short films Ascension and The Kitchen.

In Ferris' mythical tale of Penelope, the technique is used as a dramatic device that experiments with time and space to build the tension and sense of nostalgia experiences by the waiting heroine. Penelope presents performances that have been choreographed to a hauntingly beautiful score by renowned film composer Max Richter (Shutter Island, Stranger than Fiction, Waltz with Bashir).

“Ferris gives the Penelope of Homer a new meaning, closer to contemporary female roles: the woman who tends the bow and faces misery with her arrows, without losing sensitivity and the longing to be loved” Melissa Navarro, Mexican Film Critic

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